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  • Performing an E&I – Automation design role to contribute to the completion of projects. Under the supervision of the Lead Project Manager, follow-up on design, planning, and realization.
  • Participating in a conceptual study on the recycling of cobalt and nickel from battery materials. Additionally, there are numerous other projects (replacement investments) that need to be carried out in the cobalt and nickel department.
  • Translating client requirements into a technical design for E&I and Automation hardware for industrial projects from concept to execution phase.
  • Ensuring that the electrical designs are correctly layered over the electrical diagrams.
  • Creating and validate reports. (Cable calculations, ATEX, heat dissipation, SIL, …)
  • Providing advice, calculations, and support for the implementation of measures in the design.
  • Making specifications/requirement books, request, and check the received quote and compare them.
  • Managing the budget and ensure that it is included in the planning for each discipline.
  • Creating detailed planning and help select and guide contractors to the allocation of tasks, if necessary.
  • Working closely with analog/digital testing.
  • Overseeing the work of internal teams and external partners/contractors:
  • Tracking progress/adjustments
  • Coordinating project meetings
  • Assessing the quality of delivered work and check if it meets the design and expectations.
  • Preparing technical drawings and reports/calculations.
  • Guiding the project documentation from work preparation to as-built technical construction file.
  • Providing support and advice during execution and startup of the project. 


  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a technical direction (Electrical, Automation, Electromechanics).
  • Experience with projects in an industrial environment in the field of E&I.
  • Good knowledge of the applicable regulations and directives related to all disciplines (e.g., correct reading of electrical and instrumentation diagrams).
  • Familiar with Belgian standards and guidelines (ATEX, LV, EMC, MDR, AREI, …).
  • Knowledge of hardware tools/engineering technologies:
  • Familiar with electrical calculation programs
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Preparation of measurement and regulation techniques
  • Proficient in speaking and writing Dutch and English, and basic knowledge of German and French for reporting, communication, and solving technical questions.
  • Fluent in Dutch & English
  • French & German basics are a very strong plus
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