Direct Material Manager

Construction & Maintenance
Renewable energy
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  • Define and deliver the negotiation and supply chain strategy to optimize cost-effective quality procurement and highly-responsive supply channels to meet project schedules for specific goods and services for the Project/Article 222.
  • Manage and monitor procurement and supply chain activities to ensure adherence to KPIs and contractual arrangements to identify and take mitigating action to minimize cost, quality and supply impact on the project as a whole
  • Work with project delivery team to define procurement requirements; draft contracts and engage supply chain and tender to ensure goods and services at the procured right price, quality and supplied in accordance with schedules.
  • Negotiate and agree contractual terms and rates to align to project timescales and cost schedules.
  • Ensure suppliers are updated on the procurement system/
  • Manage change orders ensuring procurement and supply chain plans are adapted and modified within scope of the project to minimize impact.
  • Engage with legal to prepare contracts to meet business, legal and project requirements.
  • Manage relationship with suppliers to ensure timely accurate delivery of the goods and services for the project
  • Coordinate across sub-suppliers and external supplies to ensure goods meet quality and timescales


  • Qualification or equivalent in Supply Chain Management or Purchasing
  • Qualification or equivalent in Project Management
  • Successful track record of delivering Procurement/Supply Chain expertise in a Project environment 
  • Detailed understanding and knowledge of procurement systems
  • Detailed knowledge of forms of contract and contract development
  • Good understanding and knowledge of plant, equipment management and how to purchase it
  • Proven management skills and experience in leading teams
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