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  • The role of the COP Project Engineer D&R and E-Hubs is to deliver and support critical projects within the company, with a particular emphasis on D&R and E-Hubs surface abandonment & reuse, in the pipelines and civil discipline space.
  • Company is a late life operator and number of assets are in End of Field Life (EoFL) stage. This necessitates significant abandonment projects. The current provision for abandonment is in the range of 4 B USD over the long term. The surface abandonment portion of this provision, has a provision of approx.. 1 B USD.  
  • Further, company is on journey of being a strong catalyzer for the Energy Hubs by capitalizing on existing pipeline and location civil infrastructure for re-use. The currently realized GZI-Next is a prime example of it.
  • Both the Surface Abandonment, and E-Hubs reuse opportunities carry significant pipeline and civil infrastructure scope, and as such this role combines multiple skillset responsibilities between Portfolio Project Management and Discipline Engineering (COP Pipelines and Civil).
  • The primary responsibilities of the COP Project Engineer D&R and E-Hubs include:
  • End-to-End Project Management:  Oversee, manage & coordinate specified D&R pipeline & civil project scope from DG01 to abandonment and re-use, both in Onshore, as well as Offshore
  • Project Front-End Support and Consultation specific to Pipelines and Civil Disciplines, including:
  • Pipeline front-end analysis (e.g. identify and analyze routing, cleaning, reuse options, capacities, technical feasibility, threats & blockers, cost/schedule estimating, etc.)
  • Manage D&R and E-Hub location Civil up-front feasibility / scope investigation & definition (including wells / piping / pipeline isolation, disconnection & cleaning, surface abandonment, demolition – including buildings, structures & foundations, disposition of used equipment & waste, sanitation, restoration, and preparation for new opportunities)
  • Liaison with and specific support to S&GW (Soil and Ground Water) Expertise to assure timely application of critical soil & groundwater sanitation and/or removal scope
  • On an as-needed basis, support other pipeline & civil project opportunities within the company outside of D&R / E-Hubs.


  • The COP Project Engineer D&R and E-Hubs should have BS (or equivalent) or higher in Engineering with 5+ years of professional experience in projects, and is expected to possess the following:
  • Relevant experience in project delivery and execution, including skill in project stage gates, relevant PMF standards, DCAF, PCAP and ORP processes.
  • Knowledge of COP (pipelines & civil) construction, integrity assessment, degradation, repairs, etc. 
  • Expertise in Dutch regulations, codes, and (international) standards affecting pipelines, soil sanitation & restoration, (e.g. Dutch BRLs, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Demolition Standards (e.g. Dutch – SVMS007, UK BS6187 etc.)
  • Strong influencing and communication skills, delivering results through others, self-motivation & independent work, and demonstrated problem solving and analytical skills
  • Considering the local nature of projects, understanding of conversational Dutch language skills is preferred, however quick learning is also a possibility.
  • Strong communications and meeting facilitation skills; strong skills in relevant software tools such as IMS-PLSS, SAP, MS Excel, PowerBI, MyMaps, etc.
  • You are based within Netherlands due to asap onboarding
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