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Construction & Maintenance
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The Construction Manager ensures:

  • the safe execution of the works in accordance with the INEOS principles and the 7 lifesaving rules.
  • that all required third party inspections are successfully executed and related conformity certificates are available prior to start up.
  • that projects are adapted to fulfil the requirements of the customer.
  • that all legal regulations are followed during the execution of the works on site.
  • Assists Engineering Manager (or Project Engineer) in the preparation of the construction part of the project plan and procedures.
  • Determines the ways of construction in co-ordination with Engineering & Maintenance.
  • Assists engineering design to ensure optimum constructability.
  • Organizes a safety meeting with all supervisors, contractors, production and safety engineer and ensures regular safety meetings are held with contractors.
  • Ensures that the construction is carried out in accordance with specifications, drawings and standards required.
  • Solves all special construction problems in coordination with Project Engineer.
  • Participates in the Pre-start-up HSE review and follows up all actions listed in the Punch List.
  • Controls construction costs, reports all deviations and takes initiatives to correct them.
  • Checks the work of contractors and evaluates their performance as part of selection procedures.
  • Has all testing and cleaning done prior to Mechanical Completion.
  • Executes the approved Project Changes.
  • Provides Inspection services, and proper storage of materials.
  • Gives feedback to Engineering of all construction work and keeps Project Engineer informed of any conditions that may affect the project.


  • Atleast 5-10 years experience as Construction Manager
  • At least a Bachelor level in civil, elektromechanical or process engineering
  • Fluency in Dutch
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