Combustion Technologist

Vacancy ID


  • Develop plans for improvements on energy reduction and margin improvement.
  • Develop a structured learning loop where field observations about equipment performance are recorded and shared with operations.
  • Develop & give training to operations on the safe & efficient operation of combustion equipment.
  • Develop together with operations and the QMI the calibration plans necessary to ensure compliance to the environmental air permit.
  • Troubleshoot combustion related problems such as high NOX emissions and flame instability.
  • Take part in safety studies like HAZOPs, RHAs, DSRs, PSAs; with particular focus on combustion safeguarding.
  • Drive scope development for a manageable equipment turnarounds. Where necessary, think out-of-the-box about how the organization can achieve its reliability/safety objectives with a doable TA. Present risk/reward dilemmas to senior management
  • Technology/internal inspections during TA.
  • Participate in RBI and RCM scope development and review
  • Evaluation of sparing positions.
  • Active participation in Technical Networks.
  • Evaluate sparing positions.
  • Participate actively in Technical Networks.
  • The combustion technologist will be part of the Utilities, Cracker, Ethylene Oxide & Glycols Technology team (DMS/951) that resides in the site technology department (DMS/95). The DMS/951 team will hold 3 FTEs on various levels of seniority that provide Utility & furnace technology support within a larger team of 12 FTEs


  • Engineering Degree (B.S./M.S. Chemical Engineering)
  • Strong problem-solving skills; proactive in resolving issues
  • Good verbal and written communication skills for sharing business requirements, functional requirements, operational ideas and technical knowledge
  • Excellent time management skills with the ability to manage conflicting priorities and deliver results within the required time constraints
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic team environment, exhibit passion for simplicity and speed of delivery, and shows a track-record of passion and curiosity for learning front line operations through hands-on visits
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