Civil Construction Supervisor

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  • Construction supervision and coordination encompasses the following activities:
  • Local Representation of the Client’s Interests:
  • Acting as the local representative for the client (AG)
  • Monitoring the execution to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and con-tractual obligations of the contractors.
  • This monitoring is based solely on approved plans, specifications, and performance descriptions, following recognized engineering standards and relevant regulations or according to the inspection plan.
  • In case of necessary changes during construction, these must be coordinated with the planner and approved by them.
  • Changes to project-relevant documents and documentation should be promptly rec-orded on-site to reflect the current state of the facility.
  • Participation in local coordination:
  • Collaborating in the local coordination of representatives from the client (AG), all con-tractors, and all deliveries and services.
  • The goal is to ensure smooth collaboration among all parties involved in a construction project.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and coordination:
  • Comprehensive supervision of construction, assembly, disassembly, and demolition, as well as proper disposal.
  • Participation in various construction-related inspections (reinforcement inspections, pressure tests, loop checks, rotation direction checks, etc.) and documenting these activities.
  • Assisting in the development and monitoring of work programs.
  • Safety oversight on the construction site:
  • Ensuring safety on the construction site and the proper functioning of all necessary facilities.
  • Collaborating with the site manager, safety officer, or site coordinator to implement necessary safety measures.
  • Examples include
  • temporary or permanent safety installations (e.g., around open excavations, platforms, etc.)
  • personal protective equipment (such as helmets, masks),
  • precautions for hot and cold work, professional and safe scaffolding
  • order and cleanliness
  • Inspection of cleanliness for the respective discipline, as well as reporting to external tech-nical construction supervision in case of unsafe conditions and their responsibilities.
  • Coordination with executing companies, including clarification of deployment schedules and technical execution questions.
  • Requesting and obtaining approval for any necessary additional services.
  • Participation in meetings essential for the activities of technical construction supervision.
  • Tracking and management of regulatory requirements (conditions from approval docu-ments) during the construction and assembly phases.
  • Handling surplus materials.
  • Sampling-based verification of qualifications for relevant leadership roles, supervisors, and certifications (e.g., site managers, welding supervision, welding qualifications).
  • Collaborating on alternative solutions with the lead engineer if planned solutions are not applicable.


  • BSc / BEng / Eur-Ing. in Civil/Structural Engineering from an accredited university;
  • Preferably Chartered Engineer or recognised equivalent status.
  • Minimum of 15 years relevant work experience in an equivalent position on Petrochemicals, polymers, chemicals or refinery projects.
  • Basic knowledge of design software such as STAAD, SP3D, Navisworks and Autocad
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