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The backup lead E&I Engineer is, along with his team and the lead E&I Engineer, responsible for the engineering and construction of E&I  and multidisciplinary expansion- and optimization projects as well as for the project management. He makes sure technical guidelines are respected and actively assist on maintaining and improvement of all specifications and guidelines. He reports directly to the lead E&I Engineer. Complexity of the job:
  • Three different production plants and a logistics center to service
  • Project portfolio management
  • Priority management (time, resources)
  • Technical guidelines and legislation, client Guide Notes
  • Operational procedures
Responsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job:
  • Act as main technical contact person for engineering support
  • Project management of E&I project portfolio ABS, PS, SBC and logistics
  • Scope and cost control
  • Planning
  • Follow-up of works (stork/contractors)
  • Discuss/report needed ressources with lead E&I Engineer.
  • Ensure secure E&I documentation workflow is respected (including transfer of information to P&ID) + up-to-date master set are always available 
  • Structured and up-to date technical documentation in DMS or archive, support uniformization of the documentation structure


Master of Science in electrical or electromechanical engineering or Master in Industrial Sciences or equivalent by experience with at least 10 years of experience in E&I Engineering in a (petro)chemical environment

Required skills in general:

  • E&I Engineering
  • Strong project management skills
  • Contracts/arrangements with suppliers
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Cost-conscious
  • Innovation driven
  • Flexibility to easily adapt changing methods
  • Knowledge off technical specifications and guidelines, technical legislation (i.e. project and construction related), process safety.
  • Fluent in Dutch and English

Specific knowledge:

  • Knowledge of Siemens PCS7 hardware (no programming, but knowledge of set-up + construction groups + bus systems Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet)
  • Knowledge of Siemens TIA portal S7-1500 with ET200sp and ET200isp (no programming, but knowledge of set-up + construction groups + bus systems profibus, profinet, ethernet)
  • Knowledge of HIMA hardware (no programming, but knowledge of set-up + assemblies + bus systems)
  • Knowledge of direct current / AREI
  • Knowledge of drives + filters
  • Cable calculations with Caneco
  • Knowledge of networks (switches/routers/firewalls)
  • Knowledge of instrumentation
  • Knowledge of ATEX
  • Knowledge of emergency stop circuits
  • Reading/adapting P&ID
  • Reading/adapting schematics (power + loop schematics)
  • Drafting/managing SIL files - Z-discs
  • Drawing up budgets for MOC and projects
  • Draw up technical sheets for quotation/purchase of instrumentation
  • Draw up specifications
  • Ordering services/material via SAP
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