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As our Lead in Human Factors Engineering, you will be responsible for managing the implementation of a full scope Human Factors Engineering programme in the reactor project. This involves applying HFE principles in various aspects of the reactor project, including: control room design for reactor operation, fuel route processes, hot cell operations, potential implementation of automation in radioisotope handling processes and the design of logistics operations.

As Lead Human Factors Engineer, you: Lead a team of contractors that is responsible for the realisation of Human Factors within the project.

  • Collaborate with systems owners and (overall) responsible designers to incorporate Human Factors Engineering (HFE) input into the reactor design;
  • Are responsible for
    • Human Factors Engineering analyses;
    • Specifying Human factors requirements in the design;
    • The verification and validation in respect of Human Factors (including design verification and integrated systems validation);
    • The implementation of HFE in safety and production processes;
    • Human performance monitoring;
    • The application of Human Factors Engineering in Product Selection and Procurement.
  • Manage an Operational Experience Review process to include the lessons learned from previous designs;
  • Implement a Human Error Discrepancy (HED) resolution process to identify, track and resolve HEDs identified during the project;
  • Are responsible for ensuring that the implementation of the Human Factors programme is done by (overall) responsible designers;
  • Are responsible for aligning the Human Factors Engineering process with engineering processes such as Systems Engineering and codes and standards;
  • Manage work packages such as the control room, strategic room, etc. that have an extensive Human Factors Engineering interface;
  • Fulfil a Design Authority role, meaning you will be responsible for the acceptance of HFE information prepared by (overall) responsible designers, assessing changes to the design and ensuring Knowledge Management of the design within your scope;
  • Are the owner of HFE, meaning that you are responsible for:
    • Defining, refining and substantiating requirements for the design;
    • The scoping of the work the contractors should do;
    • Reviewing the design;
    • Identifying and mitigating risks to the design;
    • Overseeing the contractor to deliver a design that fulfils the requirements within time and budget.
  • Enable design decisions through using Value Engineering methods;
  • Support the Design Integration Manager to enable an integrated design;
  • Support the Design Assurance Manager to enable a traceable, verifiable and validated design that is under Configuration Management;
  • Support the Safety Demonstration team to enable the preparation of the safety analysis report;
  • Support other streams such as Construction, Procurement, Quality and Manufacturing;
  • Report to the Design Assurance Manager by giving regular status updates on technical aspects (issues and risks) as well as the progress on plans;
  • Prepare reports.



We are looking for a Lead Human Factors Engineer, located in the Netherlands, who:

  • Holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering or relevant field to Human Factors Engineering;
  • Has knowledge of reactor design;
  • Brings a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience;
  • Has experience in large infrastructure projects such as Detail Design, Construction, Procurement and Commissioning;
  • Has experience in implementing Human Factors in a high risk facility;
  • Has training and experience in Systems Engineering;
  • Has excellent oral and written skills in English;
  • Can work accurately and has great organisational skills;
  • Is self-reliant, assertive and knows how to paddle his/her own canoe – yet also greatly values and promotes teamwork;
  • Spots work and opportunities, uses their own initiative and has a solution-focused mindset;
  • Knows how to cope with stressful situations and has a flexible attitude;
  • Has experience in modern digital control room design, implementing computer based procedures and managing HFE Verification and Validation processes from design through to plant operation;
  • Is a good team player who takes responsibility of their own work and can interface well with others to ensure that the reactor project mandate is achieved;
  • Is proactive in self-development (training, IAEA meetings, conferences).

You believe advice means questioning, thinking critically, planning and acting. You are a good listener, with a high degree of empathy for different stakeholders, and you have a hands-on mentality to get things done. You’re confident enough to challenge and advise against things that you feel won’t work, backed by your expertise in Human Factors Engineering.

Languages: English (fluently spoken and written). Dutch is an asset.

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