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  • As-Built coordination - Collect red blue marked up Tier 1 & Tier 2 documents for all locations and ensure correct processing according to the applicable work instruction for as-built management
  • Ensure there is a clear and up-to-date set of FMC documents in place on all locations
  • Act as focal point for ASSAI Cloud’s red/blue markup functionality
  • Act as action holder for MOC implementation actions on redline markup 
  • Act as focal point for the engineering contractor responsible for updating of documents => send documents to engineering contractor, develop schedule, agree on timeline, actively steer on deliverables, receive updated documents 
  • Engage relevant discipline TAs for reviewing and sign-off of relevant as-built documents - Receive redline markups from operations, check on completeness and quality Activities during and after turnarounds, plant changes and projects
  • Engage with Project Engineer and OR/CSU team to manage redline mark ups and upload in ASSAI Cloud - Engage with engineering contractor and ensure as-built package for Tier 1 & Tier 2 docs are completed on time - Ensure FMC documents are available for onsite change out before.


  • Fluent in Dutch and English,
  • Must be able to read technical drawings, preferably previous experience with as-built coordination.
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