Application Support Specialist

Offshore & Shipbuilding
Vacancy ID


  • Administer AVEVA Net database
  • Set-up and configure AVEVA Net in collaboration with IT department
  • Maintain existing implementation of AVEVA Net
  • Support AVEVA Net end-user
  • Establish new Project Portals as necessary while maintaining all necessary access securities and permissions.
  • Establish asset structures in the portal to insure that all the related asset data and documents are available from one screen.
  • Configuration and maintenance of XML gateways (Links to databases).
  • Develop reports to be used for data quality checks by creating / editing Query Forms, Tag summary pages etc.
  • Implement KPI's on data delivery and data quality while keeping appropriate records for monitoring and reporting.
  • Monitor and report Portal usage identifying areas of concern or where heavy usage (or not) may indicate additional development / roll out requirements.
  • Identify areas of potential development within the systems that can advance the asset integrity of both Engineering & Operations throughout company as well as enhancing communication and information sharing between its contractors.
  • Align/optimize company and Portal data flows to ensure timely, accurate and consistent publishing of required information.
  • Insure that the latest documents from 3-D, 2-D, 1-D and all related tag documents are published in read only format to all approved users.
  • Assist the project teams in data handover requirements as well as conducting compliance verification checks.
  • Promote a culture of data centric management and use within company via comfortable, confident and effective use of the Portal.
  • Be involved in training of users in the AVEVA Net Portal.



  • Bachelor degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent technical subject.
  • Background in AVEVA Net administration in oil & gas projects.
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in a similar role.
  • Experience in Information Management.
  • Preferred experience in 3D and associated Design Systems, especially AVEVA solutions.
  • Experience in Information Technology (Programming, SQL, DB, IIS)
  • Delivery record.
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills and ability to manage multiple requests.
  • Goal oriented, customer focused. Good communication skills.
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