Analyser Maintenance Technician

Construction & Maintenance
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  • Assistant for gas analyser detection and validation work, in time independent work for field execution(+/-14 days a month) 
  • Validation of analyser equipment O2 meter, PH meter
  • Basic knowledge of electricity and instrumentation loops for error finding
  • Execution of simple mechanical work (assembly and modification)
  • Tube fitter knowledge
  • Cable work


  • Gasdetection Honeywell systems
  • Servomex, Enotec O2 meter validation
  • Basic knowledge of instrumentation loops 4-20mA
  • Atex awareness 
  • Mechanical execution in field (Unistrut, cable connection, different gland types,...)
  • Dutch speaking
  • Able to reeds electrical and instrumentation schematics
  • Use of test equipment (multimeter, megger)
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