Constructing a terminal for 52 tanks

On the Maasvlakte, HES International is building the HES Hartel Tank Terminal. On 27 hectares of land, 52 tanks are being built for the storage and transhipment of 1.3 million m3 of oil products and biofuels. The tank terminal will increase the concentration of activities in the Port of Rotterdam, thus improving the efficiency and footprint of the port.

As of 2022, even VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers) will be able to dock at the tank terminal for storage and transhipment. For this purpose, in addition to one kilometre of quay for inland shipping, 1200 metres of deep-sea quay have been constructed. Ballast Nedam Industrie was awarded the contract for the construction of the quay and soil improvement for the entire site on which the 52 gigantic tanks will be built.

During this major operation, experienced specialists in two disciplines were requested from STAR. We provided Ballast Nedam Industrie with the technical administrative staff and safety supervisors needed to carry out this assignment.

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